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by Jeff Roberts on Oct, 14 2022

Note: the petition is now closed.

In November, the Medford City Council will consider improvements to the OR99 corridor that would vastly improve cycling and walking alng Riverside, Central and East Main Streets.

Let’s show support. Siskiyou Velo is asking the community to show its support for better bicycling and walking infrastructure while maintaining drivability along these roads.

Why Is This Important Now? The City of Medford commissioned a study this year to develop alternatives for improving biking, walking and rolling access along the OR99 corridor. A public survey of these alternatives drew 700 responses, most of which were against making any improvements. We want to show the City Council that there are A LOT of people who care about biking and walking in Medford!

Sign the Petition to show your support. You do not need to be a resident of Medford.

Note: the petition is now closed.

(You enter your signature with a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.)

Or, sign the paper petition at the Bikes N Brews event during registration on Friday, Oct 14, or at the ride on Saturday, Oct 15.

Thanks for helping to support cycling in Medford!



  • Frederick Garvin

    2/15/2023 at 5:05AM

    To the admin, Keep up the good work!

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