Monday, October 3, 2022

Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

Ride Schedule

Non Recurring Rides

Non Recurring rides are typically weekend club rides with a predefined route.

There are currently no matching rides on the schedule.

Recurring Rides

Recurring rides meet weekly at a regular time and location but the route may vary from week-to-week

  • Monday

    Monday Coffee Ride

    9:30am: Meet at Colver Park in Phoenix

    25-30 Miles, Moderate / Brisk (14 - 18+ mph), Some Hills

    Contact: Dennis Cramer - 541-773-5804

  • Thursday

    Thursday morning Ride

    8:00am: Meet at Jacksonville Library

    20-40 Miles, Moderate / Brisk (14 - 18+ mph), Hilly

    Contact: John Fries - 541-973-1586

  • Friday


    Start time Varies: Varies

    12-20 Miles, EZ (10-12 mph), Some Hills

    Contact: Steve Nickel - 541-891-5649

  • Saturday

    Velo Melo

    Start time Varies: Start Location Varies

    25-30 Miles, Mellow (11-14 mph), Some Hills

    Contact: Lisa Brill -

  • Saturday

    Brisk Ride

    Start time Varies: Start Location Varies

    50+ Miles, Brisk (>18 mph), Hilly

    Contact: Dennis Cramer - 541-773-5804