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Siskiyou Velo

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Educational Resources

The Club sponsors education and training courses for its members and the general public. The Club’s courses are fast paced, hands-on, and thorough. Students have consistently high praise for the courses and instructors. Everyone whether fast or slow or experienced or new cycling and in between, come away being more skilled and knowledgeable about the sport we all love.

Planned course offerings in 2018 focus on group ride training and avoidance measures (among other bike handling techniques). Follow this link for more information.

Below are links to League of American Bicyclists produced videos that will help you to become a safer and more knowledgeable cyclist but they don’t replace the Club’s “hands on the handle bars” courses (see above). The League and the City of Houston also offer an online course, Traffic Skills 101, at

Riding Tips
Basic Bike Check
Starting and Stopping
Shifting Gears


Better Bicycling
Lane Changing
Intersection Positioning
Bike Lanes
Traffic Laws
Riding on the Sidewalk
Sharing the Trail


Group Riding
Group Riding Safety Tips
Group Riding Skill Tips
Group Ride – Pacelines / Drafting
Riding the Paceline


Advanced Avoidance Skills
Instant Turn or Counter Steering
Quick Stop

Another great resource developed by the League in concert with the City of Houston is There you can learn and test your knowledge about all things bicycle. Why don’t you take the challenge; take the test and post your score on the Club’s Bike Ed score sheet.

The Art of CyclingRequest from your local library The Art of Cycling. “Author Robert Hurst dismantles the experience of urban cycling, slides it under the microscope, and examines it piece by piece. The primary concern of this book is safety, but Hurst goes well beyond the usual tips and how-to, revealing the bicycle’s historical truths and its pivotal role in the origin of the automobile, the psychology of blame and responsibility, the social advantage of communicating solidarity with drivers, and the economics of riding a bike. This book empowers readers with the big picture of bicycling — and gives riders useful insights to ponder while pedaling their next commute or grocery run. Riding a bike will never be the same.”