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Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

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Boost your enjoyment and sustain your dedication to fitness by riding with other cyclists at your speed. Siskiyou Velo organizes bike rides at almost every distance and speed; matching our members’ skill and endurance levels. We host rides throughout the year helping our members to get together for bike rides filled with good sport, comradery, and great conversation. Our work also includes ongoing bicycle advocacy, and education/training. As a member, you’ll be part of a community of cyclists diligently working to improve bicycling conditions in our community. Your $30 membership includes:

  • Automatic Membership in the Siskiyou Velo Rides List which provides Club ride announcements exclusively to Club members via email. These rides, like all Club rides, are led by an experienced and knowledgeable Club member. Many of these rides are not published in the Club’s ride schedule and offer you, as a member, more opportunities to get out with other cyclists.
  • Optional membership in the Siskiyou Velo Forum Listwhich provides an opportunity for Club members to share pertinent information of interest to Southern Oregon cyclists via email.IMG_4874
  • Participation in Club social events (some of which are free for Club members).
  • Opportunities to aid in the Club’s advocacy efforts.

You’ll meet and get to know some of the Club’s over 200 members; sharing hours of stimulating conversation on rides, and gaining insights on physical conditioning, equipment, bicycling techniques and maintenance. Join now. You’ll be happy you did.

Siskiyou Velo is a powerful bicycle advocate.

  • By helping shape policies and plans to be pro-bike, we have a direct impact on the built landscape, the transportation system, the environment, and our communities.
  • Our education and outreach programs encourage safer, healthier choices for everyone who wants to bike.
  • We’re striving every day to make cycling safer and more convenient.

Club membership is a bargain, costing less than you’d spend on a tire. We offer two ways to join: 1) use our mail-in application process (download and print the Membership Application, Release of Liability, Bicycle Safety Suggestions, Rider Suggestions, and E-Bike Rules, fill out and sign/initial, then mail the forms, together with your check to: Siskiyou Velo, PO Box 1394, Phoenix, OR 97535; or 2) enter your email address, below, and use our on-line membership process.

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