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  • All Ages and Abilities

    All Ages and Abilities
    Bicycling on Southern Oregon Streets Should Not Require Bravery

    Making Bicycling Safe for Everyone

  • Slo-Mo Rides

    On behalf of Robbin (Cookie) Webb:

    I send this with apologies. After getting burned out, I just can’t get it together to lead the slo-mos this season. Maybe once my home is reestablished. I  am hoping someone will step forward to lead the group.

    So sorry,

    Cookie Webb

  • New Siskiyou Velo Trikers in the news

    See this story with a picture of the ride leader, Phil Gagnon, from the Mail Tribune’s Sunday edition: No login required.

    If you subscribe to the Mail Tribune / Ashland Tidings, you can see a fuller story and a bigger picture here. Login required.

    You can find this ride in the Scheduled Rides section on the upper right of our home page.

  • Velo Melo Pandemic Recovery Ride 5/29

    On Saturday, May 29th, fifteen Velo Melo cyclists, including “guests” and “renewed” members, enjoyed perfect weather and a casual Pandemic Recovery Ride. Phil Kolczynski led the first half and Lisa Brill led the second half
    on a 27.7-mile roundtrip between Colver Park and Jacksonville with a coffee break at “The Pony.”
    As a “sign of the times, “all brands and styles of bike riders coordinated safely, including eTandem, Trike, Recumbent, and Single Fixed Gear Bike enthusiasts.
  • First 2021 Siskiyou Velo Club Pandemic Recovery Ride

    At the Gather (was Downtowne) Coffee Shop

    The first 2021 Siskiyou Velo Club “Pandemic Recovery” Ride was held on May 22, 2021. Fourteen riders participated and rode 25 miles through the Phoenix and Talent orchards, with a coffee stop at Gather Cafe (formerly Downtowne Coffee) in Talent. It was beautiful bike-riding weather, and we hope to see you on a future ride. Velo Melo rides are being scheduled for Saturdays through the summer.  Rides will abide by the club’s pandemic recovery guidelines.






    Before the ride


  • Siskiyou Velo Resumes Group Rides Beginning May 21

    This post last updated May 26 with indoor masking guidelines.

    The Siskiyou Velo board decided at its meeting on May 22 to update its policy for group rides in light of revised CDC and Oregon state guidelines. Please note the following requirements for participating in group rides:

    • All rides will follow CDC, state, and local health departments’ guidelines with respect to COVID-19 (details below).
    • Per the CDC, there’s no need for vaccinated people to wear a mask outside while gathering or riding. Unvaccinated people should wear their masks outside or ensure a six-foot separation.
    • Though the CDC guidelines do not require masks inside for vaccinated people, ride leaders will recommend that riders wear their masks inside out of respect to the employees and owners of the business.  It is a nice courtesy to the staff, so there are fewer people they have to worry or ask about whether they are vaccinated or not.
    • To respect the health and comfort of our ride leaders, rides will be designated as
      • Open to those riders who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 OR
      • Open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated riders
    • Ride leaders have the option to limit the number of riders, which will be indicated in the ride announcement. To accommodate this, riders must RSVP by email, in advance, to the ride leader.  This applies to all rides, whether listed on the website or sent by Google Groups email.


    • Ride leaders will specifically state whether their ride is open only to vaccinated individuals or to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. For vaccinated-only rides, riders must be prepared to show evidence of vaccination in the form of an electronic, photo, or paper copy of their full vaccination card. The ride leader may or may not choose to request proof of vaccination, but if any participant (leader or rider) requests it, then all participants must show compliance.  Neither the ride leader nor the club will retain any vaccination records.
    • The announcement will include the maximum number of riders (if the ride is capped) and an email to RSVP to. Please RSVP early or you may not be able to participate.  The ride leader will maintain the emails for 2 weeks in the event that someone becomes ill with COVID and contact tracing becomes necessary.