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  • All Ages and Abilities

    All Ages and Abilities
    Bicycling on Southern Oregon Streets Should Not Require Bravery

    Making Bicycling Safe for Everyone

  • Medford Porch to Park Bike Challenge

    Here’s a program put on by the City of Medford to get people out on bikes and visit local parks.  Note that these routes are not Sisikyou Velo Rides.

    These routes may be useful for new members, while Siskiyou Velo has temporarily suspended group rides.  Note that there are a variety of lengths and difficulties, and riders should maintain social distancing guidelines.


    June 1 – June 30, 2020

    Visit www.playmedford.com for route packet and map  – or just click here.

    Participants may drive to the starting park, or just hop on a bike from your front porch and ride to the nearest park on a challenge route.  For ease of riding it is recommended to follow the route directions in order, even if you start in the middle. Follow all traffic laws and maintain social distancing guidelines.

    When you have completed a route, submit the Seamless form found at www.playmedford.com. Participants are encouraged to send us photos or post them to #medfordporchtoparks to enter the photo contest.

    For each route a participant completes, they will receive a medal and be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize.  The photo contest winner will be featured in the next Recreation Program Guide.

    Completed route form: https://seam.ly/TBhrLzOQ

    This is a FREE event to participate in!


    Thanks to Sandy Sherman, Recreation Supervisor, and Chris Olivier, BPAC.


  • SiskiyouVelo to Continue Suspension of Club Rides for Now

    Governor Brown approved Southern Oregon counties to begin Phase I lifting of coronavirus restrictions on May 15.   Many club members are undoubtedly wondering when Siskiyou Velo will remove its temporary suspension of group rides.  The Siskiyou Velo board held its monthly meeting on May 20, focusing primarily on this topic.  The short answer is that by unanimous decision the board will keep the suspension in place for now.


    Several key factors went into this decision. First, the risk of contracting or transmitting coronavirus during group bicycle riding is uncertain.  Second, several of our ride leaders perceive the risk to be sufficiently high that they are reluctant to lead group rides at this time.  And finally, though bicycling is an excellent activity to provide both exercise and relaxation, it can be accomplished outside of group rides.  In other words, as one ride leader stated, the recreational benefit of group rides is not worth the perceived risk.


    A quick survey of regional road bike clubs indicates that their group ride suspensions remain in place—including Eugene Velo, Eugene Gears, Umpqua Velo and Central Oregon Wheels.


    We encourage you to continue riding on your own.  The club’s website has posted a number of recommended rides for your use.  Because most of the posted rides are suitable for more advanced riders, the club will augment these with posts of more moderate rides.


    The board will review this decision at each of its monthly meetings (held virtually for now).  Group riding is the heart of the club’s activities and we are all anxious to get back to a more normal life.  In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!

  • Siskiyou Velo Board Continues to Meet Monthly

    Despite Oregon’s stay-at-home policy, your club’s board is continuing to meet monthly—by means of a virtual meeting conducted via Zoom.  In fact, our next board meeting is Monday, April 27, at 5:30 pm.  One of the topics we will discuss is our current suspension of club-sponsored group rides and what metrics we will look for in order to resume group rides.  Any club member is welcome to attend from home by computer, tablet, smartphone, or regular phone.  If you are interested in attending, please email president@siskiyouvelo.org.  Instructions on how to attend will be emailed to you.

    Speaking of the Board, I thought you might be interested in the current board members and their positions. Voting for board positions was conducted prior to the annual meeting, held during the holiday party last December, and results were announced at the meeting.  Officer positions and committee chairs were decided by the board at the January meeting this year.  The one exception is Robin Dressler, who was appointed to the board last month and who has taken on the position of social activities chair.

    Until we can resume group rides, I hope you are getting out for at least an occasional ride with family or a friend or two.  Stay healthy!



    Harlan Bittner, President

    Alan Hubbard (Hubs), Secretary

    Frank Hoeper, Treasurer



    Dennis Cramer, Rides chair

    Robin Dressler, Social Activities chair

    John Fries, Board member

    Jen McCracken, Board member

    Jeff Roberts, Communication chair and Webmaster

    Ann Smith, Advocacy chair

    Mike Vergeer, Education chair

    Matt Walker, Membership chair

  • Kicking Cancer's Butt

    Riding for a great causeMy friend and fellow cyclist Jeanne is riding for a great cause and I hope we can help cheer her on.

    Dear SiskiyouVelo Family,

    As an avid rider I have had my eye on riding Cycle Oregon for at least 25 years and decided this is the year. I am certainly not getting younger. It seemed a little self-serving until I found this wonderful organization within Cycle Oregon called “Ride for a Child” which is a fundraiser for “Candlelighters for Children with Cancer”. I am even more excited to be riding this event with a greater purpose and you can participate with me. This ride is not affiliated with SiskiyouVelo in any way and I will be practicing social distancing if that is still necessary when this ride takes place in September of this year.

    “Candlelighters For Children With Cancer” is dedicated to providing support for families in Oregon and SW Washington experiencing childhood cancer every step of the way from diagnosis through treatment and beyond, providing programs such as emergency financial assistance, an annual family camp, family activities, bereavement support, and a hospital meal program that offers comfort and support for families during a difficult journey. Through it all, they never charge families a dime – ever!

    These wonderful families are deserving of a hand up.

    How can you help, you ask? By sponsoring my ride with a tax-deductible donation to Candlelighters For Children With Cancer. Follow the link below to donate through my personal fundraising page.


    No donation is too big or too small!

    Thank you so much for your support!

    With appreciation,

    Jeanne Robbins

  • Cycling Tips During Covid

    Be aware that Siskiyou Velo has temporarily suspended all group rides If you choose to go out riding with one or two friends or family members, read this Instagram post. Click the buttons on each slide to view the whole thing.

    One comment in the post is notable (I’m paraphrasing): “The six 6 ft social distancing rule is designed to allow respiratory droplets to fall to the ground rather than on another person. When riding on a bike at 15 MPH or so, those distances must be much greater to allow for gravity to take effect, 15 feet or so.  Basically, don’t draft.”

    Thanks to Gary Shaff for passing this on.