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  • Long Day in the Saddle - Moderate Ride Report for April 8

    As one storm system rolled out and we caught a break until the next one rolls in, the Siskiyou Velo Moderate riders (13-16 mph) put in a Really Full Day out on Rogue Valley roads. The “official” ride started and ended at Don Jones Park in Central Point. At 66 miles it took in the Evans Valley Loop – one of our favorite truly back road rides around here. Some of us started and ended in Ashland while others rode from Jacksonville to Ashland and then out for at least part of the Evans loop. Out of 8 total, 4 put in a full century or more, despite three flat tires, some unexpected headwind, and a few cold rain showers. However you do the Evans Valley Loop, you enjoy a quiet road, easy rollers, and a pleasant ride along Evans Creek.

    The official ride route left Don Jones, took some back roads through the bottom lands, then headed north on Table Rock Road until we joined Meadows and the short and not too steep Meadows climb. One rider mentioned that if we were “real men” we’d have done Antioch instead. OK. We’ll do that next time, men or not. On this club favorite ride, you descend into the Evans Valley then make the crossing of 14 miles to Wimer. Stopping in Wimer is always a treat. They genuinely like us at the store, make great sandwiches and to die for french fries, and have a nice outside eating area. From there is was over to the quieter West Evans Creek Road (East is busier), through Rogue River, and along the valley road to Gold Hill. We climbed out of Gold Hill over the infamous Blackwell Hill the wove our way back through the bottom lands to Don Jones.

    The “full ton” century riders either started in J’ville and rode around through Ashland or started and ended in Ashland (me, Ed Busby, and Matt Walker). We rode the Greenway out to Don Jones experiencing our first flat (me again) right at Cellular Park. The other two flats were John Fries between CP and Wimer and involved a fairly significantly torn tire. Rick Berlet carries a little bit of a mylar envelope for just such emergencies (of course he does) and after the second one, there were no more problems. We understand John had two brand new tires hanging in his garage. I’m guessing they are on his bike now.

    Riders for all or part: me, Ed Busby, Jen McCracken, Matt Walker, John Fries, Mark Moran, Bruce Rider, Spencer Countess, and Rick Berlet.

    If you are a visitor or pondering a visit to the Rogue Valley that might include some cycling, feel free to contact us (me specifically if you like) and we’ll give you some advice about best places to ride. See our Recurring and Non Recurring Rides listings for rides you may be interested in joining if you are looking for someone to ride with.

    Proof (I think) of the damage done.

    Hanging out at the Wimer Store.

    Stuff happens. Fixing John Fries first (of two) flat on Meadows Road.

  • Club Rides and the Media

    Viki Brown lead the Velo Melo Club Ride on March 31 and submitted the photo of the group to the Medford Mail Tribune. Impressive!

    The photo was prominently featured on the back page of the front section of the paper. Take photos of your Club rides and submit them to the Medford Mail Tribune by emailing them to sendphotos@rosebudmedia.com.

    Share the fun of cycling.


  • Opportunistic Work Stand

    patent pending

    As it happened, on my first day back on the bike this spring, I hit a rock and it caused a pinch flat on the rear. After getting the bike pulled to a stop, I started looking for a suitable (safe, flat, and clean) place to lay down the bike. I found, much to my surprise, a nearby “opportunistic work stand.” The work stand made this flat one of the quickest and easiest ever to repair. My hands still got dirty but the stand held the bike steady as I removed and put on the wheel. Try it for yourself when you have your next, inevitable flat.


  • Carpenter Hill View

    Dennis Cramer and Shane Spano (Dominic Barth behind the camera) at the top of Carpenter Hill.  Beautiful view from the top of the hill with lots of sun and blossoms starting to come out.  The trio is returning from Jacksonville after the Monday Coffee Ride with trips up Cady Lane and Carpenter Hill as a side trip.A look at the barn and trees in full bloom on the first bump up Carpenter Hill.

  • Table Rock Time Trail

    Club member Bob MacCracken, shown, leaves nothing on the table during the 20 mile time trail in Sams Valley, You can check out the course, at a casual pace, by following this link. The 2018 Time Trial Series was sponsored by Cycle Analysis and Cycle Sport. Limited results are available HERE. Way to GO BOB!