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    All Ages and Abilities
    Bicycling on Southern Oregon Streets Should Not Require Bravery

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  • SV Board Voting Results

    Voting for the SV Board ended Dec 5.  The results are:


    TOTAL Voting Members: 33

    SV Board members for 2010:

    Harlan Bittner, Dennis Cramer, John Fries, Alan Hubbard, Jennifer MacCracken, Jeff Roberts, Ann Smith, Mike Vergeer, Matt Walker, Frank Hoeper

    Totals for each candidate including write-ins:

    32 Harlan Bittner
    33 Dennis Cramer
    32 John Fries
    32 Alan Hubbard
    33 Jennifer MacCracken
    32 Jeff Roberts
    32 Ann Smith
    32 Mike Vergeer
    33 Matt Walker
    01 Frank Hoeper

    The Board will meet in January and assign individual Board positions.

  • Branded Siskiyou Velo Apparel available for sale through December 19!!!!!

    The club is excited to announce that Siskiyou Velo branded apparel is now available for purchase on line through Decemberf 19th.   Ordering instructions and reference materials can be found below.  A set of sample sizing jerseys should be available at Flywheel Bicycle Solutions (550 W Pacific Hwy, Talent) starting Friday, December 6 and also at the Holiday Party,  Creekside Estates in Phoenix the evening of December 7.  I A size guide link is available below for those who don’t need to “try before buying”.

    Lots to choose from this year; jerseys, vests, cycling jackets, shorts, gloves, leggings and socks.  Champion does not charge for shipping but they do require that all orders be sent to one address.  The bulk order will be shipped to my house approximately 4 weeks after the webstore closes.  I will figure out how best to get you your purchases at that time.  Each purchase will be individually marked and packaged for easy distribution.

    Please follow the instructions below for best results:

    Size Guide Size chart points to a very form fit. If there is any question, Champion Sports recommends sizing up.

    Product Catalog – descriptions here.

    Please order from a desktop or laptop computer if possible.  These are custom orders with many important details that are better viewed on a large screen.

    Order Instructions

    a. Click Store Link  http://custom2.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?SiskyouDec19

    b. Click thumbnail image of product you want (Jersey for example.

    i. Select the style of that product you would like (images shown on this window are stock, not your design.

    ii. Enter preferences, sizes and quantities for that product (you will see your design associated again on this window)

    c. Click Checkout

     i.  Login if you have ordered in the past.

    ii.  Sign Up if this is your first order

    iii. Pay from PayPal landing page using your Credit Card or PayPal account. Watch for a confirmation email/receipt from PayPal momentarily.

    iv. Please double check your order details for accuracy, there are no returns on custom garments


    Happy shopping!

    Mark Moran

    Phone:  541-622-5511

    Email:  moranmarkthomas@gmail.com

  • Bike Helmet ratings, buying guide and recommendations

    Consumer Reports says: “Remember: A bike helmet should be replaced every five years, or sooner if it is damaged. If the helmet has been involved in an accident, replace it, even if it does not appear to be damaged. The expanded polystyrene foam that dissipates the energy from the impact may still look intact, but bike helmets are designed to do the job just once.”

    If you’re in the market for a new helmet, here are two resources to help:  

    1. Courtesy of Joanne Mitani, an excellent rating of bike helmets:
    Virginia Tech’s Bicycle Helmet Ratings, recently updated. Note that there are buttons to filter the list by type (road, urban, etc.).

    2. Consumer Reports helmet buying and fitting guide: https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/bike-helmets/buying-guide/index.htm
    (A Consumer Reports subscription is required to view their recommendations, but not the buying guide.)


  • General Members Meeting 11/21 update

    We had a great meeting Thu 11/21 @6:30pm at the Ascension Lutheran Church in Medford, with 15 people attending.   There were two new members who introduced themselves. The verbal feedback was that the meeting was very good and people appreciated having a meeting.  We had a very interesting presentation on the Greenway from John Vial and Steve Lambert from Jackson County Parks dept.  Thanks to Joanne Mitani and Bob MacCracken for greeting people, and thanks to Lan Roberts for providing refreshments.   Two members offered to be greeters and one to provide refreshments at future meetings.

    We had a very interesting presentation on the Greenway from John Vial and Steve Lambert of Jackson County Parks.  They covered the history of the Greenway, maintenance activities (especially root surges), and cleanup of transient camps.  Here’s a .pdf of the presentation. Steve also shared a video on Greenway cleanup – “Greenway Sweep Story“.

    Harlan Bittner and John announced that SV will be partnering with Jackson County Parks to help mark hazards on the Greenway. Look for more news on this volunteer activity in the new year.

    Highlights from the written feedback:

    • 100% of respondents said the time and location was convenient.  Several attendees commented that the location was nice and there was plentiful parking.
    • 80% said they would like to have quarterly meetings going forward, 20% monthly.
    • 100% said the speakers were interesting and well-informed, and questions were answered.  80% said the Q&A was worthwhile.
    • The only suggestion for future meeting topics was “extension of the Greenway to N. Mountain Park and Emigrant Lake” which I’ll pass on to Jackson County Parks.

    So I plan to schedule quarterly meetings at the same location and time going forward.

    All in all, I think it was pretty successful meeting.  Thanks to those attending and especially to the greeters, refreshment provider, and for the help cleaning up.


  • Crater Lake Rim Ride

    Here is a photo taken at the 2018 Crater Lake Ride the Rim.  The riders shown in the photo are (L to R) Dennis Cramer, Steve Levesque (hidden beside Dennis), Dan Morse, and Bill Dorris.  This picture was published in Horizon Airlines Beyond magazine for August 2019.  It was included as part of some of the upcoming activities in Southern Oregon.  It gave a great scenario of the ride and the scenic nature of the area.  It is something every bike rider should do at sometime in their riding career.