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  • All Ages and Abilities

    All Ages and Abilities
    Bicycling on Medford Streets Should Not Require Bravery

    Making Bicycling Safe for Everyone

  • Planning the Future of Bicycling in Medford

    The Medford Mail Tribune published a guest editorial titled “Planning the Future of Bicycling in Medford” on October 28.

    The Medford Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update for 2018 to 2038 was approved by the Medford City Council on Nov 1 by a vote of 5 to 3.  As discussed in the guest editorial, Siskiyou Velo has advocated over the last year for Medford to explicitly include standards for safe and convenient bicycle facilities for people of all ages and abilities in the TSP Update.

    Though we were unsuccessful in convincing the City to include those standards explicitly, the Update does include references to those standards as well as examples of street cross sections with separated bike lanes, among the safest cycling facilities available.  During the question and answer period following Siskiyou Velo’s oral testimony, one City Councilor encouraged Siskiyou Velo to continue working with the City for safer and more convenient bicycle facilities.  Another Councilor who voted against adoption of the TSP Update gave, as one of the reasons for her no vote, the need for a more extensive bicycle and pedestrian network in her Ward.

    We will continue to advocate for a safer and more convenient bicycle network in Medford and the entire Rogue Valley.

  • Board Meeting Scheduled for Nov 7

    The next Board meeting will be held Nov. 7 at Angelos’ Pizza in Phoenix, 6:30 PM.  All members are invited to attend.

  • Please attend Medford City Council meeting Nov 1 6:30pm

    A critical meeting for all bicyclists in the Rogue Valley will be held in Medford on November 1 at 6:30 PM in the Medford City Hall, City Council Chambers, 3rd floor of City Hall. The City Council will consider adopting a transportation plan that will establish bicycle facility designs for the next 20 years.  Our analysis concludes that the plan will not meaningfully improve the safety nor convenience of the bicycle network in Medford over what we have today–which is unsafe and inconvenient.  We will provide both written and oral testimony at the hearing to support our findings.

    Please attend the City Council’s public hearing and share your experience using Medford’s bicycle network. Whether you are a novice or experienced cyclist and whether you cycle for recreation, commuting or running errands, your voice needs to be heard.

    Hope to see you there. Anyone who finds the existing Medford bike system scary or dangerous, which we know there are a lot of you, are critical to changing the City’s Plan. We encourage you to attend and testify.

    The club’s full written testimony is available here. A shorter version will be given at the meeting.

    Harlan Bittner,

    President, Siskiyou Velo

  • Rogue Valley Active Transportation Plan Online Open House

    From the Rogue Valley Active Transportation planners:

    The Rogue Valley Active Transportation Plan Online Open House is now live!  We are counting on you to help us spread the word in your local communities to drive participation. We are looking for input on the interactive map to help identify key destinations, routes, and areas of needed improvement to help inform the development of the Regional Active Transportation Routes. The survey asks about your experiences and preferences related to walking and biking in the Rogue Valley – this input will help inform the goals, prioritization of needs, and potential solutions within the plan.

    Please share the links below with your communities and colleagues and send to any distribution list you think appropriate.  The online open house can be accessed through the project website (www.walkbikeroguevalley.com) or by following the direct links below.

    1. Interactive Map: http://maps.kittelson.com/rvatp
    2. Active Transportation Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V9MDBYH

    The survey and map will be open for responses until Wednesday, November 21.

  • BRNW Tour

    Several of us participated this July in a 1 week tour in the wilds of Eastern Oregon.  The tour went through many small communities and sparsely settled areas.  John Day, Baker City, Sumpter, Granite and Mt Vernon are just a few of the towns we went through.  In all, we covered about 480 miles and climbed about 28000′.  The scenery was outstanding and the roads we traveled we for the most part very lightly traveled which made for a very enjoyable trip.  By the 3rd day of riding, we had gained the moniker of the Medford Mafia.  This was due to our riding and constantly overtaking and passing others along the route. 

    Here we are at the highest climb we had at Anthony Lake, which was up to an elevation of about 7500′.  We had a little over 6000′ of climbing on our way to Baker City where we spent the night.

    Another stop along the way was at Unity Reservoir.  A boating and fishing area in an area that was very arid.  The trip was well organized and I am always looking forward to the next tour but alas it will now have to be next year.