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  • All Ages and Abilities

    All Ages and Abilities
    Bicycling on Medford Streets Should Not Require Bravery

    Making Bicycling Safe for Everyone

  • BRNW Tour

    Several of us participated this July in a 1 week tour in the wilds of Eastern Oregon.  The tour went through many small communities and sparsely settled areas.  John Day, Baker City, Sumpter, Granite and Mt Vernon are just a few of the towns we went through.  In all, we covered about 480 miles and climbed about 28000′.  The scenery was outstanding and the roads we traveled we for the most part very lightly traveled which made for a very enjoyable trip.  By the 3rd day of riding, we had gained the moniker of the Medford Mafia.  This was due to our riding and constantly overtaking and passing others along the route. 

    Here we are at the highest climb we had at Anthony Lake, which was up to an elevation of about 7500′.  We had a little over 6000′ of climbing on our way to Baker City where we spent the night.

    Another stop along the way was at Unity Reservoir.  A boating and fishing area in an area that was very arid.  The trip was well organized and I am always looking forward to the next tour but alas it will now have to be next year.

  • Wednesday stop at Oregon Mountain Coffee

    A great day to be out riding!  Several different pace groups stopped for a short break and some socializing.  Great fall weather.

  • Next Board Meeting Scheduled for October 3

    The next Board meeting will be held October 3 at 6:30 PM at Angelo’s Pizza in Phoenix.  All club members are welcome to attend.

  • Please Add Your Name to the Petition

    Please support “all ages and abilities” bicycle designs. You can show your support by signing the Club’s petition at siskiyouvelo.org/submitaaa/. No one should have to be brave to ride a bicycle! Problem is, most people are afraid to ride in bike lanes adjacent to high speed and high volume traffic. “All ages and abilities” offers multiple, safe designs that are safe for everyone (youth, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, and families).

    The transportation system can and should serve all modes of travel not just motor vehicles. With a safe multi-modal transportation system, an estimated 10 percent of all travel in the city will be by people riding pedal and electric bicycles. That means 10 percent fewer cars on the road; reducing congestion and pollution.

    The existing bicycle network is not safe for youth, most adults, seniors, disabled people and families. It’s too dangerous and they could be killed or severely injured if struck by a distracted driver – which there are many (two percent of all drivers are driving while distracted). Please help.


  • Lights on for Safety - all the time

    “There’s a rider in Michigan who’s got a story to tell, and it goes like this: he’s out riding by himself one late afternoon, on his favorite backroad. Dappled sunlight and lengthening shadows of trees fall across the road. As it so often is for so many of us in these beautiful moments, the cyclist is perfectly at peace doing what he loves, on a perfectly peaceful evening. ” [Read more HERE].

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