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    All Ages and Abilities
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  • Velo Melo E. Antelope Canyon 36'r, Sept. 14, 2019


    Ride Leader’s Pic Sept. 24 2019

    Ride Leader’s (Phil Kolczynski ): Velo Melo group on Sep. 14, 2019. Seventeen (17) riders did 36-mile round trip into East Antelope Canyon. A large group had “recovery” beverages & lunch after finishing at Kaleidoscope Pizza

    Custom aerial Video of the Velo Melo E. Antelope Canyon Out & Back 36’r:


  • Velo Melo Pre-Ice Cream Social 2019 Ride

    From Phil Kolczynski:

    Sept. 7, 2019; See the picture by Ride Leader, Phil Kolczynski, Twenty Three (23) riders including four guests who revealed their intent to join The Siskiyou Velo Club.

    Special Thanks: Bruce, Mark & John who missed the ride in order to serve ice cream and provide good cheer.

    Special Recognition: Current Velo Melo ride leaders: Vicky,back row center orange jersey, Robin,back row right w/ mint green arm covers and white helmet & former Siskiyou Velo-Ship Moderate ride leader, Jean,back row left white helmet multi-color jersey.

    Special Service: The Three “Trike-sters” Bill, Jerry & Ray, in the front row, who voluntarily provided safety sweep and gave appropriate hand signals to misbehaving motorists.

    VIEW a custom Video of this ride here.


  • Velo Melo Ride- August 31, 2019

    13 eager riders turned out for this fun 27 mile ride in Sams Valley on a perfect summer day. We climbed a few hills (1,300 ft) with minimal complaints. Photo taken at our refreshment break at Rainey’s Market. Two riders not in picture are Wil Thomson who left early and ride leader, Viki Brown, behind the camera. Rees Jones managed to duck behind someone else in the photo so he is also is not visible. A warm welcome to Derek Matthews who is new to the Club and on his first ride with this group. He is excited to be a member and looks forward to more group rides. Remember to show up for the Ice Cream Social ride on Saturday, Sept. 7 at Colver Park. Phil Kolczinski will lead the Melos on a ride starting at Colver at 8:30 am.

  • Crater Lake Ride the Rim

    The annual Crater Lake Ride the Rim event is coming up in September.  If you have never done this ride, you are missing an epic bike event.  The ride takes place this year on two Saturdays, September 14th and September 21st. In just a few years RIDE THE RIM has become one of Oregon’s most well-known and epic cycling events. The event was originally called “Vehicle-Free Days” in its first two years.  In 2015, Discover Klamath Visitor and Convention Bureau teamed up with National Park Service staff at Crater Lake to enhance operations and logistics, branding, marketing and advertising, and other aspects of managing a rapidly growing event.Since then, the event has grown steadily and now attracts cyclists from all over the USA, as well as internationally to enjoy the serene beauty of Crater Lake National Park without any vehicular traffic on over 75% of the Park’s 33-mile Rim Drive.  The parks service and volunteers staff the 5 rest stops on the entire loop.  Water and snacks are available at each rest stop.  The west rim is the only portion of the loop that is open to vehicle traffic.  There is 3500 feet of elevation gain if you do the entire 33 mile loop.  Parking and shuttle service is available for riders.  For more information, see the link below:


  • Monday coffee ride with this spectacular group!