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  • All Ages and Abilities

    All Ages and Abilities
    Bicycling on Southern Oregon Streets Should Not Require Bravery

    Making Bicycling Safe for Everyone

  • E-bikes ARE allowed on the Greenway, but speeding is not.

    Some of you may have read the article by Mark Freeman , brought to my attention by Phil Gagnon and published in the Mail Tribune on 7/2/21, which stated that e-bikes are prohibited on the Greenway.  I checked with John Vial of the Jackson County Roads and Parks Dept, who said that the U.S. Forest Service prohibits “motorized bikes” on trails.  However, Jackson County does allow e-bikes on the Greenway, while motorized bikes powered by an internal combustion engine (eg gasoline engine) are prohibited.  John contacted Mark Freeman to correct his report.

    The speed limit of 15 MPH IS enforced on the Greenway for any kind of bike, e-bike or human-powered.


  • Velo Melo Ride Sat. July 10

    On behalf of Phil Kolczynski:

    Sixteen Velo Melo Riders split into two groups and rode 25 miles on Saturday morning 8:00 am July 10:








    On our Velo Melo route we cycled up Pioneer from Colver to Coleman Creek just past Hilsinger road, where this memorial was posted in remembrance of Sue Hutchinson, who was killed by a hit and run driver on July 3.

  • Slo-Mo Rides

    On behalf of Robbin (Cookie) Webb:

    I send this with apologies. After getting burned out, I just can’t get it together to lead the slo-mos this season. Maybe once my home is reestablished. I  am hoping someone will step forward to lead the group.

    So sorry,

    Cookie Webb

  • New Siskiyou Velo Trikers in the news

    See this story with a picture of the ride leader, Phil Gagnon, from the Mail Tribune’s Sunday edition: No login required.

    If you subscribe to the Mail Tribune / Ashland Tidings, you can see a fuller story and a bigger picture here. Login required.

    You can find this ride in the Scheduled Rides section on the upper right of our home page.

  • Velo Melo Pandemic Recovery Ride 5/29

    On Saturday, May 29th, fifteen Velo Melo cyclists, including “guests” and “renewed” members, enjoyed perfect weather and a casual Pandemic Recovery Ride. Phil Kolczynski led the first half and Lisa Brill led the second half
    on a 27.7-mile roundtrip between Colver Park and Jacksonville with a coffee break at “The Pony.”
    As a “sign of the times, “all brands and styles of bike riders coordinated safely, including eTandem, Trike, Recumbent, and Single Fixed Gear Bike enthusiasts.