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For the Love of Cycling

Camaraderie - Safety - Community

Come Ride With Us!

ABOUT the Club

We are a group of varied ages, abilities, backgrounds and genders who have one thing in common . . .        



WE also know the potential hazards of cycling from traffic, road hazards and visibility. So WE ride together through the beautiful country we live in. WE become good friends and enjoy each others company both on rides and in social gatherings we have a few times a year.  WE value our health and longevity. WE share our experience in bike maintenance and choosing the best gear. WE work to create a more conscious biking environment by working with our local governments and supporting community biking at local events. Membership also provides supplemental insurance in case of an unfortunate accident. So many benefits.

                        COME JOIN US!                             WE welcome new members.     

                  LET'S RIDE TOGETHER!

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Blue Skies

Membership is just $30/year!

Scheduled        Rides

Rides are listed by Easy, Melo and Brisk for different levels of distance, speed and grade. Be sure to note which group you are choosing to ride with so you match your skills and conditioning. Ride leaders are listed for you to notify your intention to join on any given day/location. Please be on time and bring all necessary safety gear like shoes, helmets etc. Dress for weather conditions and get ready to enjoy!

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