Friday, February 23, 2024

Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

About the Velo

The Siskiyou Velo is the largest and most active bicycling club in Southern Oregon with more than 200 members. Club membership is open to adult cyclists. The annual membership fee is $30. Our membership includes adults of all ages, and cyclists with interests in racing, touring, bike camping, and leisure riding, as well as endurance challenges. You can meet other riders on tandems, recumbents, cross bikes, mountain bikes and high-end carbon, as well as steel & aluminum road bikes. We are sure you will find more places to ride, meet friendly people, learn new riding skills and have a lot of fun with our Club. If this sounds appealing, you can join today!

Club activities include year-round weekend and weekday organized group rides. We offer rides at all speed and endurance levels to match anyone’s cycling needs. Club rides are quite varied; from 12 to 18 mile long rides at seven to nine miles per hour to brisk rides (topping 18 mph and distances over 50 miles). Check out our ride schedule (at right) for a sampling of our many rides. Every Club ride includes a description of the ride and lists the designated ride leader; whom you may contact to assess whether a particular ride would be right for you.

The Club maintains an active social events calendar. These Club activities promote collegiality and community among our members. The Club’s social events are quite varied but most often times center on some aspect of cycling. That is what you would expect from a bunch of bicyclists.

The Club also conducts annual fund-raising events; historically these have included the Ashland Alpine Triple Challenge and Mountain Lakes Challenge. Fund raising events such as these support the Club’s advocacy efforts, including cycling awareness, bicycle education and training, bike/pedestrian improvements (including donations to the Bear Creek Greenway, purchase and installation of bikes on roadway signs, and bike racks/parking space conversions).