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E-bikes on the Greenway?

by Jeff Roberts on Dec, 13 2020

SV Members have asked whether e-bikes are allowed on the Greenway.

Here’s the response from John VIal, who has spoken at club meetings before on the Greenway. He’s now Director of the Emergency Operations Center for the recent fires in our area.

Currently we have no rules or standards regarding e-bike usage on the greenway.  Frankly, we feel the accessibility advantages of e-bikes to mobility-limited citizens is a good thing and we do not want to discourage their use.  We recognize that some e-bikes with throttles can have speed issues and concerns, but those same concerns exist with human-powered bikes as well, and a 15 mph speed limit applies to everyone.

John Vial, Director

Jackson County Emergency Operations Center – Almeda / Obenchain Fires

(541) 621-4641


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