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Wildfire Recovery for Cookie Webb

by Jeff Roberts on Sep, 17 2020

Cookie Webb escaped the devastating fires in Phoenix, Oregon this week with just her car, purse, and phone.  Her home along with the entire Creekside community burned to the ground.  She has lost everything that wasn’t in her purse.

Cookie is a frequent ride leader of Slo-Mo rides, much appreciated by many Siskiyou Velo members.  Please donate to help her out if you can.  Her son has set up a GoFundMe page:


  • chris stapleton

    9/28/2020 at 2:33PM

    It would be great if you guys could post this. It's a fund raiser for the Josephine county search and rescue and will allow riders to enjoy some competition with social distancing.
    Thanks, Chris

    Added a News Post for this fundraiser to the home page - Jeff R.

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