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Wagner Creek Conditions

by Dennis Cramer on Feb, 25 2015

I recently rode to the dirt from Talent on Wagner Creek Road.  I encountered a section of the road that was totally gone since we had the heavy rains about 2 weeks ago.  The road narrows down to one lane in one location.  This is in between the 3 mile and 4 mile road marker.  The entire right lane is washed away as you are climbing up toward the dirt.  This area has had cement barriers installed at the edge but care should be observed due to there only being one lane.  This is only for a 100 foot section of the road but it is just after a sharp right hand turn so there is limited visibility.  You need to pay attention on the descent also due to this.  There is good signage prior to the area.  The picture I have attached shows the problem area.


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