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Siskiyou Velo

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Velo Melos Enjoying Early Spring Riding

by Victoria Brown on Mar, 3 2020

End of pavement on East Antelope Road

With Velo Melo ride coordinator, Lisa Brill, lining up a ride leader nearly every Saturday, this group has great attendance at rides and a lot of camaraderie among members. A few recent rides have experimented with including a shorter and a longer distance to accommodate the needs of individuals in the group. There has been about a 7-8 mi. difference in the length of the rides and it seems to work well. Ride distances are usually 25-30 miles with 1,000 ft. or less of climbing. Come out and enjoy this fun group on a nice spring day. Thanks to all of the ride leaders for their efforts.

Upper Table Rock Trailhead- start of Sam’s Valley Loop



    3/13/2020 at 9:30AM

    I am with the Salem Bicycle Club, we are wondering what you people are doing about b the virus concerns. Please let us know

    Thank you

    Jim Ross

  • Harlan Bittner

    3/15/2020 at 3:47PM

    Jim Ross,

    Thank you for your question. Siskiyou Velo just published a set of guidelines for group riding during the coronavirus pandemic. Please check it out on our website.

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