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Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

Velo Melo Pre-Ice Cream Social 2019 Ride

by Jeff Roberts on Sep, 8 2019

From Phil Kolczynski:

Sept. 7, 2019; See the picture by Ride Leader, Phil Kolczynski, Twenty Three (23) riders including four guests who revealed their intent to join The Siskiyou Velo Club.

Special Thanks: Bruce, Mark & John who missed the ride in order to serve ice cream and provide good cheer.

Special Recognition: Current Velo Melo ride leaders: Vicky,back row center orange jersey, Robin,back row right w/ mint green arm covers and white helmet & former Siskiyou Velo-Ship Moderate ride leader, Jean,back row left white helmet multi-color jersey.

Special Service: The Three “Trike-sters” Bill, Jerry & Ray, in the front row, who voluntarily provided safety sweep and gave appropriate hand signals to misbehaving motorists.

VIEW a custom Video of this ride here.


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