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Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

Velo 2015 Projects

by Gary Shaff on May, 26 2015

The Board is considering a range of advocacy projects for the 2015 riding season. They include:

  • Free ride leader training- 3x per year
  • Funds to buy treats for the “newcomers” rides
  • Bike helmets for kids
  • Free group ride training- 3x per year
  • Motorist education- Visual depiction of space needed to safely pass a bicycle. Place ads on RVTD buses and in other locations.
  • Provide bike racks for businesses that are frequent stopping places for Club Rides. Suggestions included: Downtown Coffee (Talent), Rainey’s Market (Sams Valley, Lake Creek Store (Lake Creek) and Wimer Store (Wimer).

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