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Update on Main Street project to Medford City Council

by Jeff Roberts on Nov, 14 2023

See this Update on the Main Street restriping project from Public Works Director John Vial during the November 2nd City Council Meeting (Select “Main Street Restriping” at 23:39 from the content topics on the left).


  • Tom Symons

    11/14/2023 at 9:02PM

    The bike lane may be completed, however the signals at Main and Oakdale are not picking up the cyclist for safe crossing. Play it safe when crossing in this area.

  • Tom Symons

    11/15/2023 at 11:10AM

    The light at Main and Oakdale picked me up today, however it seems to only do one crossing instead of both. I would think it would let both crossings go at the same time given both traffic directions are stopped. Maybe that's something that will get corrected over time. It's gonna take some figuring out just how to place both my wheels so the light signals correctly. It should stay green a bit longer too, it went yellow when I was halfway across.

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