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Siskiyou Velo

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Up and Down Training

by Matt Walker on Apr, 1 2019

Seven us met across from Emigrant Lake Friday for a steady climb up the Old Highway.  Five riders made it to “Siskiyou Summit” past the ski road, proving the power of peer pressure is alive and well.  Building base miles on climbs like this, and longer flat rides, will pay big dividends as summer approaches.  The good weather held for most of our ride, but getting caught in a spring shower is just part of the adventure of heading out on the road.  So don’t wait for a perfect day, but make plans to join a group ride and meet your fellow club members to share some stories as we did last week.


  • Ann Smith

    4/2/2019 at 12:24AM

    Looks like a beautiful day. I would love to go on a ride like this but I'm allergic to climbing. Not really...but it sounded good in my head.

    William Shatner once said, "I hate flying. Flat out, hate its guts." He never road a bike up a hill.

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