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Understanding Cyclists' Positions on the Roadway

by Harlan Bittner on Jun, 21 2018

The American Bicycle Education Association has created a video to help understand cyclists’ positions on the roadway. This video illustrates the safety concerns of cyclists using the road, and how the bicyclist’s position on the roadway can dramatically increase or decrease the most common crash types.  The 11-minutes video can be viewed at

The Institute for Police Technology & Management is using the video in its “Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety High Visibility Enforcement” course commissioned by the Florida Department of Transportation. The mission of the American Bicycle Education Association is to provide the best education and resources available for cyclists, transportation professionals, law enforcement, educators and the general public. You can visit its site at


  • Gary Shaff

    6/25/2018 at 11:01PM

    Great video. A must "view" for anyone who rides their bikes in streets, roads, or highways.

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