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This is National Protected Bike Lane Week

by Gary Shaff on May, 9 2016


Today, Monday May 9th, marks the first day of PeopleForBikes’ National Protected Bike Lane Week. Protected bike lanes separate people on bikes from car and truck traffic with physical barriers such as planters or bollards.

The closest thing Southern Oregon cyclists have to protected bike lanes are the enhanced bike lanes on Bear Creek Drive and Main Street through the City of Phoenix Downtown. Post below your suggestion(s) of the locations where protected bike lanes would be desirable.

“Back in 2009, Portland was one of the first U.S. cities to install a protected bike lane,” said Portland’s transportation commissioner, Steve Novick. “Last fall, we became first U.S. city to make them the default design for all new bike lane projects. We’re looking forward to joining our transportation and public policy peers from around the country when we celebrate protected bike lanes this week as a way of making streets safer and less stressful for everyone.”

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