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by Gary Shaff on Mar, 30 2018

Everyone knows that it is illegal in Oregon to roll or blast through stop signs and red lights. Few do the latter but stop signs are a different story. You may be among those that have or do. The Medford Mail Tribune published an article on 3/30/18 with the headline – Stop, Look and Listen
which is also available HERE.

This clip may provide insights to why humans drive their vehicles cautiously through a stop sign without stopping.

The motorists caught in the act, could easily see that there were no other vehicles near or approaching the intersection and proceeded slowly on their way without coming to a full stop. People riding bikes do the same thing. In Oregon it is illegal to do so. Everyone knows it but people still do the “Idaho Stop.” Now, also known as the “Delaware Yield” where it is now also legal for bicycle riders to treat stop signs as a yield signs.

“Six states – California, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma and Utah – considered measures that would create some type of Idaho stop law.” (Jenni Bergal). Will Oregon be among those states to consider it in the future? Contact your local senator or representative to ask if they would sponsor such legislation. That is, if you think the Idaho stop should be a part of Oregon’s “rules of the road.” Here is the link to the Utah bill that could be used as a model for Oregon.

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