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SiskiyouVelo to Continue Suspension of Club Rides for Now

by Harlan Bittner on May, 23 2020

Governor Brown approved Southern Oregon counties to begin Phase I lifting of coronavirus restrictions on May 15.   Many club members are undoubtedly wondering when Siskiyou Velo will remove its temporary suspension of group rides.  The Siskiyou Velo board held its monthly meeting on May 20, focusing primarily on this topic.  The short answer is that by unanimous decision the board will keep the suspension in place for now.


Several key factors went into this decision. First, the risk of contracting or transmitting coronavirus during group bicycle riding is uncertain.  Second, several of our ride leaders perceive the risk to be sufficiently high that they are reluctant to lead group rides at this time.  And finally, though bicycling is an excellent activity to provide both exercise and relaxation, it can be accomplished outside of group rides.  In other words, as one ride leader stated, the recreational benefit of group rides is not worth the perceived risk.


A quick survey of regional road bike clubs indicates that their group ride suspensions remain in place—including Eugene Velo, Eugene Gears, Umpqua Velo and Central Oregon Wheels.


We encourage you to continue riding on your own.  The club’s website has posted a number of recommended rides for your use.  Because most of the posted rides are suitable for more advanced riders, the club will augment these with posts of more moderate rides.


The board will review this decision at each of its monthly meetings (held virtually for now).  Group riding is the heart of the club’s activities and we are all anxious to get back to a more normal life.  In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!

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