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Siskiyou Velo Resumes Group Rides Beginning May 21

by Harlan Bittner on Apr, 30 2021

The Siskiyou Velo board decided at its meeting on April 26 to resume group rides beginning on May 21, 2021.   Please note the following requirements for participating in group rides:

  • All rides will follow CDC, state and local health departments’ guidelines with respect to COVID-19 (more details below)
  • To respect the health and comfort of our ride leaders, rides will be designated as
    • Open to those riders who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 OR
    • Open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated riders
  • Ride leaders have the option to limit the number of riders, which will be indicated in the ride announcement. To accommodate this, riders must RSVP by email, in advance, to the ride leader.  This applies to all rides whether listed on the website or sent by Google Groups email.

Opening up group rides on May 21 is based on several things.

  • First, the CDC has listed new guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals (see CDC Vaccinated People and CDC Choosing Safer Activities); in those guidelines, riding bicycles outdoors is specifically addressed.
  • Second, in a release from the Governor’s office (Governor’s Release) it was announced that 15 counties—including Jackson—will be moving to the highest risk category on Friday, April 30, for a maximum of three weeks. Hence, we set the date to resume rides for three weeks from that date, or May 21.  Should the risk level for Jackson County be reduced prior to May 21, we’ll consider opening up group rides sooner.
  • Third, many Siskiyou Velo members have been vaccinated and are already riding in small groups.


  • Following CDC, state and local guidelines means wearing a mask when gathering at the beginning and end of the ride, when stopped at a store or café and at any other location where people (either club members or the general public) will be closer than 6 ft.
  • Ride leaders will specifically state whether their ride is open only to vaccinated individuals or to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. For vaccinated-only rides, riders must be prepared to show evidence of vaccination in the form of an electronic, photo, or paper copy of their full vaccination card. The ride leader may or may not choose to request proof of vaccination, but if any participant (leader or rider) requests it, then all participants must show compliance.  Neither the ride leader nor the club will retain any vaccination records.
  • The announcement will include the maximum number of riders (if the ride is capped) and an email to RSVP to. Please RSVP early or you may not be able to participate.  The ride leader will maintain the emails for 2 weeks in the event that someone becomes ill with COVID and contact tracing becomes necessary.






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