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Siskiyou Velo Members Ride the Wildflower in Chico, California

by Harlan Bittner on Apr, 26 2022

Siskiyou Velo members enjoyed the Wildflower 2022 ride in Chico, California on April 24.  Several rides were offered, and members participated in the 30-mile, 68 mile and 100-mile versions (the 30-mile group added an extra loop to make it 40).  Congratulations to Viki Brown for completing the 100-mile ride in 7.5 hours!  It was a beautiful sunny day that started out a bit chilly but quickly turned into a warm spring day.  Some of the routes went through Paradise, California, going through the aftermath of the terrible Camp Fire from November 2018.  Many beautiful new homes have been rebuilt and there were indications everywhere of a strong recovery.


In the Siskiyou Velo jerseys: Julie, Frank, Harlan and Robin,

and Julie’s brother David on the left.

Viki at the finish of the 100-mile route.

Siskiyou Velo members Frank, Harlan, Julie, Robin and Lisa

along with friends and family.

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