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Siskiyou Velo Melo, Hills to Sweet Beet, April 2

by Phillip Kolczynski on Apr, 9 2022

On Saturday April 2nd, Phil Kolczynski held a “moderate” Siskiyou Velo Melo club ride for fourteen vaccinated members. We cycled in almost perfect spring weather. Phil split the ride into two groups; Lisa Brill led the second half. We implemented a plan to “share the road” safely with motorists who could be frustrated when attempting to pass a long line of cyclists.
Our plan was useful because the groups climbed the winding Pioneer/Dark Hollow hills and Adams ridge for over 1,400 feet of elevation gain for a work out, before descending into Talent. We stopped for lunch and coffee, outdoors at The Sweet Beet Station a historical railroad inn on East Main. The return ride to Jacksonville proceeded via the bike path and west suburbs using bike lanes where possible on suburban streets. The second half was social, safe and finished without mishaps.

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