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Same Road, Same Rules, Same Rights

by Gary Shaff on Dec, 5 2015

What a nice concept but it isn’t true.

There are some unique rules that apply to people who ride bikes (and conversely to motoristssame rules responsibilities) which don’t apply to the other mode. Unique cycling rules include: 1) the required use of bike lane – when one is available (except when there are hazards in the lane), and 2) riding on the right-most side of the lane (but no so far to the right that it is dangerous).

Similarly, auto drivers 1) can’t use bike lanes, 2) must yield to bicycles using a bike lane when turning, and 3) must move into the opposing lane to pass bikes (when bike lanes are not available and motorists are driving faster than 35 MPH) so as to provide enough separation as to avoid the cyclist – even if the cyclist was to fall over into the lane.

However, many (if not most) of the rules of the road apply to both types of vehicles; stopping at stop signs and signals; signaling before changing lanes, turning or stopping; using lights at night, driving on the right-side of the road (i.e. with traffic), and yielding to pedestrians.

Both cyclists and motorists need to up their game. The rules, after all, were designed to ensure the safety of all road users.

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