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Ride Leader Insights and Concerns

by Gary Shaff on Apr, 23 2016

In advance of the Club’s April membership meeting, the Club’s ride leaders were asked in a survey to evaluate members’ riding behaviors during group rides. Their insights, compiled in the Ride Leader Survey, April 2016, provides a window both into rider behavior as well as ride leader concerns. Club members present during the April membership meeting were asked, as were the ride leaders as a part of the survey, to identify their top three concerns. Remarkably, members and ride leaders agreed. The top area of concern is Club members failure to stop at stop signs/obeying the rules of the road. Tied for second place were “respect for the established ride pace” and “failure to establish lane control on roadways that are too narrow to share with motor vehicles.”



  • Steve Juul

    4/24/2016 at 10:27PM

    Gary, this was a nicely done survey, unfortunately it appears a large number of respondents decided to just "go down the middle" with their answers.

    Not sure from my observation of club rides that all these issues are that well done.

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