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Revitalize Downtown Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting Tonight!

by Jeff Roberts on Jan, 8 2020

This year, the City of Ashland is undertaking a Downtown Revitalization project to “improve the sense of community and place while creating an affordable, safe, and functional multi-use transportation network in the downtown core.” The project will amend the City’s Transportation System Plan (“2034 TSP”) (PDF), which was adopted in 2012 and establishes Ashland’s transportation development priorities through 2034. The 2034 TSP sets a goal of expanding active transportation infrastructure to encourage non-auto travel (p. 33; Goal #1, Objective 1B) to lead Oregon and the nation toward adopting “green” transportation infrastructure.

The plan also prioritizes safety for all modes of travel by, among other objectives, “[s]trategically plan[ning] for safety and operational improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians” and by reducing bicycle/pedestrian crashes by 50% within 20 years (p. 34; Goal #2, Objectives 2C, 2H).

From Ashland 2034 Transportation System Plan, adopted October 2012:

 Goal #1: Create a “green” template for other communities in the state and nation to follow.
Objective 1b: Expand active transportation infrastructure to include features that encourage non-auto travel. Potential features include bicycle boulevards, bicycle lanes, wider bicycle trails, and improved lighting for bicycles and pedestrians.
Goal #2: Make safety a priority for all modes of travel.
Objective 2C: Strategically plan for safety and operational improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Objective 2H: Reduce the frequency of bicycle and pedestrian related crashes in the City of Ashland by 50% in the next 20 years.

Last year, Siskiyou Velo and several dedicated club members campaigned to urge the City of Medford to integrate NACTO’s All Ages & Abilities (PDF) contextual bicycle design into its TSP update so that a safe and connected bicycle network in Medford is prioritized. As a result, the NACTO document was included as an addendum to Medford’s TSP. Yet until we realize safe and connected bicycle networks throughout the Rogue Valley, our work is not yet complete.

The Club’s board has approved and submitted a letter to the Revitalize Downtown Ashland Citizen Advisory Committee outlining our position on All Ages & Abilities and urging the City to implement a safe and connected bicycle network that will lead to achieving its stated transportation and safety goals. A comprehensive bicycle network designed to prioritize safety and improve personal mobility for all is the only way we can achieve this vision of a green Ashland that prioritizes the safety of its residents and visitors while creating a livable, vibrant community that will continue to promote economic vitality.

Please join us in support of downtown revitalization planning that truly embraces the visionary ideals of the Ashland community. ASHLAND RESIDENTS: Will you please attend the public meeting of the Citizen Advisory Committee tonight, January 8 at the City Council Chambers at 1175 East Main Street scheduled to start at 4PM.

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