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Revised sweeping schedule for Medford streets

by Victoria Brown on Jan, 25 2017

After receiving a comment and suggestion from a Velo member, Medford Public Works has revised their street sweeping schedule to clean the streets on their snow route schedule to hasten the removal of cinder on the more traveled roads first. Thanks to Medford for hearing our concerns and revising their approach. Below is an excerpt from the e-mail sent by the Public Works Department:

“I spoke with the supervisor in charge of the sweeping program and we are going to shift gears and have our sweepers take our snow route maps out and focus on the designated snow routes until they are done. We are also adding a temporary employee to operate an additional sweeper to the mix.
We will begin this protocol on Monday.

The supervisor tells me it is pretty slow going due to the amount of material they are picking up so I can’t give you a firm estimate of how long it will take.”


  • Gary Shaff

    1/25/2017 at 9:21AM

    Well done!

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