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Portland Keeps Leading the Way in Oregon

by Gary Shaff on Mar, 30 2018

It is encouraging to know that other communities in Oregon, notably Portland, continue to innovate and improve the safety of the cycling environment. The picture, to the right, is of “crossbikes” markings. It is just another way to inform motorists and help define the street space for cycling.

Portland is designing and building a bicycle network suitable for “all ages and abilities.” Many of the improvements that they make are relatively low cost investments but have a high return in terms of the number of people who bike instead of driving their cars for short and moderate length trips (to visit friends, go to school, commute to work, shop, run errands, etc). The shift in mode makes for a healthier population, saves wear and tear on the streets, reduces motor vehicle congestion, and helps to off-set, in a small but meaningful way, human caused climate change.

If you are interested in helping in the Club’s effort to advocate for an “all ages and abilities” bicycle network in the Rogue Valley please email


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