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Please attend Medford City Council meeting Nov 1 6:30pm

by Jeff Roberts on Oct, 27 2018

A critical meeting for all bicyclists in the Rogue Valley will be held in Medford on November 1 at 6:30 PM in the Medford City Hall, City Council Chambers, 3rd floor of City Hall. The City Council will consider adopting a transportation plan that will establish bicycle facility designs for the next 20 years.  Our analysis concludes that the plan will not meaningfully improve the safety nor convenience of the bicycle network in Medford over what we have today–which is unsafe and inconvenient.  We will provide both written and oral testimony at the hearing to support our findings.

Please attend the City Council’s public hearing and share your experience using Medford’s bicycle network. Whether you are a novice or experienced cyclist and whether you cycle for recreation, commuting or running errands, your voice needs to be heard.

Hope to see you there. Anyone who finds the existing Medford bike system scary or dangerous, which we know there are a lot of you, are critical to changing the City’s Plan. We encourage you to attend and testify.

The club’s full written testimony is available here. A shorter version will be given at the meeting.

Harlan Bittner,

President, Siskiyou Velo


  • Jim Tolley

    10/28/2018 at 1:20PM

    As I was reading the testimony it seemed that the Larson Creek bikeway (from the area of N. Phoenix Rd to the Bear Creek Greenway) has been funded by the proposed plan. Is that correct?

  • Gary Shaff

    10/28/2018 at 5:19PM

    Thank you for your observation and comment. The $1.6 million Larson Creek shared-use path is the only path (out of 41 that are identified as being needed with an estimated costs of $67.1 million) that is slated for improvement between now and 2038. Project P19 and P20 will extend the path from Ellendale to Black Oak, and from Murphy to North Phoenix Road. Presumably, it will provide for the reconstruction of the exiting path along Lazy Creek but I’m not familiar with that detail.

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