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Please Add Your Name to the Petition

by Gary Shaff on Sep, 25 2018

Please support “all ages and abilities” bicycle designs. You can show your support by signing the Club’s petition at No one should have to be brave to ride a bicycle! Problem is, most people are afraid to ride in bike lanes adjacent to high speed and high volume traffic. “All ages and abilities” offers multiple, safe designs that are safe for everyone (youth, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, and families).

The transportation system can and should serve all modes of travel not just motor vehicles. With a safe multi-modal transportation system, an estimated 10 percent of all travel in the city will be by people riding pedal and electric bicycles. That means 10 percent fewer cars on the road; reducing congestion and pollution.

The existing bicycle network is not safe for youth, most adults, seniors, disabled people and families. It’s too dangerous and they could be killed or severely injured if struck by a distracted driver – which there are many (two percent of all drivers are driving while distracted). Please help.


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