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Outcome of SV’s Petition Drive in Support of Bicycling and Walking

by Harlan Bittner on Dec, 1 2022

Earlier this year, the City of Medford approved funding to study improvements in bicycling, walking and other modes of active transportation in the downtown region bordered by Riverside, East Main, Central and Court Streets (see Multimodal Enhancements Study).  The study resulted in six options that would vastly improve cycling and walking in this area while maintaining adequate traffic flow, and included a variety of separated bike lanes and increased pedestrian crossings.

As part of the Multimodal Enhancements study, the city conducted a survey to determine pubic response to the options developed. The city received a surprising 700 responses.  While 200 responses were positive for the changes, we were disappointed to learn that 500 of the responses were against any changes.

So Siskiyou Velo created a petition to show support for the improvements under consideration.  We gathered 337 signatures in a short period of time through canvassing at the Heart of the Rogue Festival and placing information in bike shops, coffee shops, libraries and RCC.  We also wrote a guest opinion on this topic published October 23 in the Mail Tribune. Lisa Brill, president of Siskiyou Velo, spoke to the Medford City Council on November 3 and presented the petition to the Councilors.

We are told by city planners that the proposed improvements along East Main Street will likely be implemented in 2023 when regular maintenance of that section of road is planned.  The proposed improvements along Court, Central and Riverside are being further studied by the city.  We will keep you informed about the future plans for this area of Medford.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read and sign the petition.

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