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ODOT to Abandon “Share the Road“ Sign

by Gary Shaff on Feb, 26 2016

19823817-mmmainODOT will begin to phase-out “share the road“ signs with an image of a bicycle with the word “on roadway“ (see image).

ODOT’s new sign is better but still doesn’t reflect Oregon law (ORS 811.065 – adopted in 2007). The MUTCD (the engineers bible of traffic control devices) includes a sign that says “Change Lanes to Pass Bicycles.“ Many motorist do just that but all too frequently we find ourselves with an auto/truck within our lane and just a couple feet from our bar ends. A sign that explicitly describes a motorists responsibilities under the law, instead of platitudes encouraging bicycle awareness, would do more and increase cyclists’ safety. The new sign is akin to “deer crossing.“ ODOT can and should do more to improve motorists’ awareness and adherence to the law.

Check-out and provide feedback on a 2015 concept to educate drivers on the topic at

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