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Menus removed from the bottom of web pages

by Jeff Roberts on Mar, 30 2019


I’m posting this to notify you of a change to the website to make it more useful.

Previously, there was a set of text menus at the bottom of every page, which just repeated the pulldown menus across the top of the page. This took up valuable vertical space on every page. I’ve removed the bottom menus, so now there is more room vertically to display information on all pages. The buttons for Facebook and Strava which were on the bottom have moved up to the top. Notice the changes in the red boxes in the screenshots below.

This is what the home page looked like before (click on it to see a larger version):















This is what it looks like now (click to see a larger version):















If you don’t see the new version, you need to do a hard refresh of the page, as follows:

On Windows, Shift + F5, or Shift + Click the circular arrow.
On Mac, Shift + Command + R, or Shift + click the circular arrow

Shift + Click the circular arrow.

On Windows, CTRL F5
On Mac, Shift + click the circular arrow.

IE, Edge:
CTRL + F5, or CTRL + Click the circular arrow

The only reason to have the bottom text menus was that the pulldown menus at the top use JavaScript and won’t display when JavaScript is disabled in a user’s browser. If you don’t know what JavaScript is, or how to disable it, don’t worry, because most people don’t know, and this change won’t adversely affect you.

Currently, JavaScript is disabled by only about 2% of users in the U.S., and even fewer worldwide. Most commonly, it was disabled by Linux and Tor users for security. More and more, modern web page designs don’t even include the text menus at the bottom of pages because it’s not an issue anymore.

I am reasonably sure that this will be a net benefit for Siskiyou Velo members. If in fact you are one of the people who disable JavaScript, and you can’t use the top pulldown menus, let me know by email and we’ll work it out.

Jeff Roberts
Siskiyou Velo Webmaster

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