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Membership Survey - Results Available

by Gary Shaff on Mar, 22 2015

Thank you to members who contributed their voice to the Club’s 2015 membership survey. The SOU student research team has completed their data collection and analysis, and compiled the results. To quickly review members’ responses to the 20 questions click here. If you’d like to learn more, please read the Siskiyou Velo Final Report.

I know you’ll find the results interesting. Our challenge will be to utilize the information to improve the Club by A) meeting member’s needs and B) overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. In terms of “A,” the survey found most members joined the Club for “group ride” opportunities and which the Club, based upon members responses, is delivering very effectively. In terms of “B,” members reported that the Club’s greatest challenge lies in expanding the Club’s membership to include more women, young adults and children.

The diversification of the Club’s membership will be challenging. However, plans are already afoot to begin addressing this issue. The Club’s co-sponsorship with RVTD of the Family Fun Rides will boost public awareness of the Club among the target demographic and, we hope, attract more children, young adults, and women to the Club’s ranks. The Rides will also include an educational component which members, according to the survey, believe is important.

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