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Kids and What's Safe

by Gary Shaff on Feb, 18 2018

The Sunday Medford Mail Tribune included an article entitled “Kids and the Wilderness, The Outdoors is Saving Their Lives” which drew heavily on a post by Michael Lanza with the catchy title “Why I endanger my kids in the wilderness (even though it scares the shit out of me).” In response to a question “How do you deal with the competing ideas of trying to introduce your kids to your lifestyle and knowing that they could be hurt?” Lanza responded “when my kids were little, I honestly felt more anxious biking around town with them – where inattentive or inconsiderate motorists posed a treat I couldn’t control – than I did tying them into a top-rope” while rock climbing.”

Lanza’s insights help to explain  why bike facilities should be designed and constructed “for all ages and abilities.” The National Association of City Transportation Officials are on to something.


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