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Crater Lake Car Free Saturday Road Update

by Dennis Cramer on Sep, 16 2016

Portions of West Rim Drive are likely to be unpaved and some pullouts will be inaccessible because of an ongoing road construction project.  Ride the Rim Staff and Park Staff will know the distance and location of the unpaved portions of West Rim Drive when checking in at North Junction and Park HQ.  Park Staff recommend that bicyclists, especially parties with children, avoid riding on West Rim Drive if possible, because of rough road conditions and increased traffic from Ride the Rim participants, shuttles, and other park visitors.

Cyclists that choose to ride West Rim Drive are asked to pull over to allow the shuttle to pass if room allows.  Cyclists should also ride single-file when sharing the road with motorists. Rid the Rim parking is at North Junction, Park Headquarters, and the Picnic Hill area of Rim Village.  Participants are encourage to share rides to help ease parking congestion. A free shuttle will transport participants to the start of their Ride the Rim experience or to their vehicles at the end.  The shuttle will run between North Junction, Rim Village, and Park Headquarters.  The shuttle will not carry bicycles in an effort to accommodate more people.  Bike valets with limited space are available at North Junction and Park Headquarters.  A person or people from each party of 3 or more are recommended to remain with bicycles while members of their party park or retrieve vehicles to conserve space in the bike valets.

Cell phone coverage will be at a minimum inside Park boundaries because of its remoteness and high elevations.  In the case of an emergency, dial 911 from any cell phone. Post-It Note Boards will be available at each rest stop in order for participants to communicate with other members of their party should they be separated. While riding, walking or running on the vehicle free East Rim Drive, we recommend that you stay to the right side of the road because the route is multi-directional.  Also, if passing another cyclists, walker or running, please do so on the left side and make it known that you are passing.

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