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Club Mailing on Oregon's Safe Passing Law Elicits Constructive Responses

by Harlan Bittner on Sep, 11 2017

Bicyclists often complain that some motorists don’t follow the rules of the road.  We all know that sometimes cyclists don’t always follow the rules either.  We as cyclists should exhibit law-abiding behavior if we expect motorists to do the same.

As part of our education campaign, the Club recently mailed Jackson and Josephine County businesses that operate between 3 and 14 vehicles a letter and poster that describe Oregon’s safe passing law:

We received a number of responses to the mailing, most positive.  A few responses included constructive comments that implored cyclists to follow the rules of the road, just as cyclists expect motorists to do.  Following are some excerpts (edited for clarity) from one anonymous response.  Though this letter focuses on a cycling behavior that few if any Siskiyou Velo members would practice, it’s a good reminder that motorists notice how cyclists ride!


To:  Education Chair, Siskiyou Velo Club

We are in receipt of your reminder that motorists leave enough room for bicyclists.  We do.

As a group that has demonstrated great concern for bicyclists, may we suggest you focus your campaign on educating bicyclists (especially those who may not yet be driving motor vehicles, and may not know the rules of the road) about the simple Walk Left, Ride Right dictate.  Riding on the wrong side of the road is dangerous.

Throughout the United States, where we have lived and traveled for decades, this bicycling practice seems to only exist in Southern Oregon.  Who’s teaching this practice to young bicyclists? We encourage you to follow-up your campaign to admonish bicyclists — especially parents of young bicyclists — to Walk Left, Ride Right!



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