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Bitten by a Dog, Chased by a Llama

by Harlan Bittner on Jul, 18 2019

I’m posting this to provide a warning about riding on Klamathon Road in Siskiyou County (this road is also referred to as Anderson Grade).   This section of road begins adjacent to the Collier rest area off of I5 (3 miles south of Hornbrook).  The gravel road runs for about 5 miles north along the Klamath River to Copco Road.  I’ve ridden this road a number of times in the past as the rest area provides convenient parking and, once at Copco Road, there are quite a few beautiful rides available. Our group encountered three unrestrained, aggressive dogs about 2.3 miles north of the rest area.  The bite I received required a visit to urgent care and, since the dog had not been vaccinated for rabies, I am receiving the series of rabies vaccine shots.  In the future, I will not ride on Klamathon Road—a good alternative is to ride the freeway from the rest area north to Copco Road.

After our encounter with the dogs, we proceeded further north where I took the freeway back to my car to avoid another encounter with the dogs.  Strangely, we passed an unrestrained llama that chased us for a short while.

It was good to get back to Oregon.

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