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Biking - it is our thing!

by Gary Shaff on Jul, 17 2014

Biking continues to be among the most popular physical activities in the nation during 2013. Including people who ride off-road or on-road, cycling was the third most popular activity, accounting for 49,430,000 participants. It followed “walking for fitness” with 117 million participants and “running/jogging” at 54 million participants. (data from Sports Marketing Surveys USA).

“For inactive or sedentary Americans, there are so many great activities for people to start on their road to being active, fit and healthy. There are countless options. We just need to get more Americans active and increase their frequency of participating,” said Keith Storey, Vice President, Sports Marketing Surveys USA, the firm which conducted the survey for the Physical Activity Council. Help to make America healthier; encourage your family and friends to become more active. Better yet, ask them to join you on a bike ride.

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