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Bikes N Brews

by Dennis Cramer on Oct, 19 2023

The Brisk group did the Stout ride in the Bikes N Brews bicycle ride on October 14th.  This is a multi-route bicycle ride sponsored by the Downtown Medford Association.  The Stout ride is the longest ride and is 67 miles.  The route takes riders into Gold Hill and out into Sam’s Valley before returning to downtown Medford.  There were multiple aid stations along the way staffed by excited individuals.  These were well set-up, and all riders appreciated the aid and support of those at these rest stops.   Seven of us were in the Brisk group for the ride and the weather was very good for the route.  We observed the annual eclipse on the first hour of the ride and were able to see it due to a heavy blanket of fog without the normally necessary glasses.  After the eclipse, the sun came out and warmed everything and made the rest of the ride very enjoyable.

BRISK Group at the end of the ride.

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