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Bicycle Facilities - Safe Routes for Everyone to Everywhere

by Gary Shaff on Sep, 7 2018

Do you want “safe and convenient” bicycling facilities in the community that you live in? What a silly question. Of course, everyone who rides a bicycle or would like to, wants bicycle facilities that are safe, as well as, convenient. That is the objective of “all ages and abilities” bicycle designs (see for more information).

During the past eight months, the Club’s Board has been diligently working to convenience the City of Medford to reflect that approach in their transportation plan. We’ve had some successes; gaining endorsements from the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and other City appointed and elected officials. Unfortunately, that level support will not change the status quo.

That is why the Club has created an on-line petition to help demonstrate the extent of community support for safe bicycle facilities. Please click on this link: to add  you name to the petition. When you sign, the Club will send an electronic letter under your name to the Medford City Council. Please include your own story of why bicycling, as a mode of transportation, is important to you. As an alternative, you could detail the extent and number of close calls or motor vehicle collisions that you’ve endured while driving your bicycle.

Non-Medford residents are also invited to sign. There isn’t a community in the Rogue Valley that is full-filling its lawful obligation to create a “safe and convenient” bicycle transportation network for its residents. If we can convince Medford of the merits of “all ages and abilities” bicycle designs, other cities in the Rogue Valley will be more receptive and may follow suit.

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