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Siskiyou Velo

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Velo BBQ and Bike Wash

by Gary Shaff on Apr, 16 2016

The Club’s annual BBQ and Bike Wash is on for May 7th at Tom and Linda Ryan’s home. You can register HERE.

Tom and his crew of bike wash mavens have promised to lavish attention on those hard to reach places on your frame, each nipple on every spoke, and every tooth on each cassette and chain ring. The bike wash and socializing starts at 12:00. The menu? It’s a BBQ; great food and drinks.

The Club’s rides will either start and end at the BBQ or have there mid-way stop located there. That way, we can all experience the fun, joy and good times that the Ryan’s get-down BBQ offers.

Register now. That way Tom and Lynda will know how much BBQ sauce will be needed for the Velo’s many members who attend.

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