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A BAG - Plan to Attend

by Gary Shaff on Feb, 12 2020


A meeting of the Ashland BAG (bicycle advocacy group) is scheduled for February 17 at 6:30 pm in the Ashland Library, Gresham Room. The BAG will serve to build public support for “all ages and abilities” bicycle facilities in Ashland.

The BAG’s efforts will focus on building community consensus that modifying and reconstructing the transportation system is essential to ensure that all modes of travel (autos, pedestrians, public transit users, and people riding bicycles) are safe especially for youth and seniors.

Please join the BAG and others who envision a transportation system in Ashland that is safe (vision zero),and convenient, where auto congestion and excessive auto parking demand are minimized, and where bicycles (a mode of transportation that is carbon neutral, efficient, fun, and promotes human and economic health) is viable for everyone, every day to everywhere. The BAG’s initiative coincides with the City’s update of its Transportation System Plan.



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