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Premium Brand Recumbent Folding Tricycle for Sale

Price: $2,500.00

Contact Details

Phone: (541) 201-8451

Posted on: 6/12/2022

Premium Brand Recumbent Folding Tricycle for Sale.


ICE ADVENTURE 2 (20″ wheels in “Tadpole format)

Well maintained and excellent condition


It has many standard features and also several extra fittings and fixtures.



  • Folding frame ( easy stowage)
  • Dual independent drum front wheel brakes
  • Rear suspension
  • Fully Adjustable (Recline) position Quick Removal
  • Adjustable steering handle position
  • Positive gear change controls ( front & rear derailleur)
  • Three front and 9 rear gears
  • Venzo cleat pedals
  • Traffic warning flag


  • Mud guards
  • Pedal assist Bionix Hub
  • Rechargeable Battery (48V, 303W Rebuilt 02/1/21)and charger
  • Hub provides regenerative charging and braking
  • Excellent display( speed, distance, + other functions )
  • Water bottle holder
  • Rear Cargo rack
  • Additional frames for Pannier side bags
  • Rear and two side cargo bags
  • Perspex Air Deflector
  • Rear Red Variable Flasher USB rechargeable
  • File of technical maintenance notes for the Trike