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Domane sl 6

Price: $0.00

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Phone: (925) 606-1150

Posted on: 8/13/2023

I have a 2020 Domane SL 6, 54cm, that’s looking for a rider. Fire survivors, first responders, and teachers (not necessarily in that order) are likely. This is a nice bike that needs to be ridden daily, like walking your dog.  I just got a Marin Headlands gravel bike from Piccadilly Cycles (great shop), so can no longer give the Domane the miles it deserves. I’m not posting a price because there isn’t one. Money isn’t the issue. The bike is the issue. If you’re looking for a fantastic deal on a great bike, please move along; this is not the bike you’re looking for.

(I also have a Current Designs low-volume ocean kayak that needs to be in the water)