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Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization - Public Advisory Comm Openings

What is the RVMPO?

The Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (RVMPO) is a transportation policy-making organization made up of representatives from local governments and transportation authorities. The Federal Transportation Act requires each urbanized area of 50,000 or more to set up a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to ensure a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative (3-C) transportation planning process. Oregon’s administrative rules define an MPO as “the organization designated by the Governor to coordinate transportation planning in an urbanized area of the state.”

What is the Public Advisory Committee?

The RVMPO Public Advisory Council (PAC) consists of appointed citizens from nine citizen involvement areas and six interest categories who make recommendations to the MPO from the public’s perspective on proposed long-range transportation plans, project plans, priorities for state and federal funding, and other transportation issues.

The Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planing Organization (RVMPO) has openings in its Public Advisory Committee in the following citizen geographic involvement areas:

White City (2 openings  of 2 positions)
West Medford (3 of 3)
Jacksonville (1 of 2)
Phoenix (2 of 2)
Talent (1 of 2)

In addition, the following “special interest” positions have openings:

Minority (1 of 1)
Low Income (1 of 1) and
Senior (1 of 1).
{Velo board member Edgar Hee currently fills the Bike/Ped special interest seat]

If you are interesting in making a difference in area transportation go to the following web page for application information:

Edgar Hee
Velo Advocacy