Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

Public Forum - All Ages and Abilities in Ashland

Join others campaigning to make Ashland a community where choosing to ride a bicycle (either pedal or electric) is safe; safe for everyone to everywhere. Join us at the Gresham Room to formulate strategies to make it a reality.

An “all ages and abilities” bicycle network will serve to:
1) Improve human health and help to reduce childhood obesity.
2) Increase disposable income of residents through saving on transportation and make Ashland more affordable to everyone.
3) Make a positive contribution to the local economy by increasing patronage of local stores via bike rather than driving to an out-of-town business.
4) Reduce motor vehicle use and attendant congestion and parking demand.
5) Reduce carbon emissions (from the transportation sector) by 40 percent or more by shifting local trips from autos to bicycles. It’s 40 by 2040!
These benefits are only possible if the City of Ashland creates a bicycle network that is safe and convenient for everyone.

Please help by joining with others who want a community that protects climate, provides transportation justice, reduces auto dependence, promotes community health, and ensures the safety of people riding bicycles.