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Siskiyou Velo

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Velo Melo Saturday October 9th. Gold Hill <-> Rogue River

by Jeff Roberts on Oct, 15 2021

Saturday October 9th, eleven Velo Melo cyclists including ride leader Phil Kolczynski, enjoyed perfect weather  exploring remote Galls Creek Canyon south of Gold Hill. They also toured Valley of The Rogue Park riding to the City of Rogue River.

The group stopped by The Rogue River for a break and relaxed for this photo, then returned to Gold Hill for 26 miles.

(Part of the Group elected the optional climb up Sardine Creek Canyon to the paranormal “House of Mystery,” adding 9 more miles; the manager was so impressed that we cycled up to her tourist destination, that she has extended an invitation to return, use her facilities, and check out the Oregon Vortex.)


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