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SV Board Voting Results

by Jeff Roberts on Dec, 8 2019

Voting for the SV Board ended Dec 5.  The results are:


TOTAL Voting Members: 33

SV Board members for 2010:

Harlan Bittner, Dennis Cramer, John Fries, Alan Hubbard, Jennifer MacCracken, Jeff Roberts, Ann Smith, Mike Vergeer, Matt Walker, Frank Hoeper

Totals for each candidate including write-ins:

32 Harlan Bittner
33 Dennis Cramer
32 John Fries
32 Alan Hubbard
33 Jennifer MacCracken
32 Jeff Roberts
32 Ann Smith
32 Mike Vergeer
33 Matt Walker
01 Frank Hoeper

The Board will meet in January and assign individual Board positions.

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