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Strava - What We Can Learn From Statistics

by Gary Shaff on Dec, 3 2018

A December 1 article by Jordan Smith in Bicycling Magazine includes a story analyzing aggregate data for all Strava users during the past year. The story is available HERE.

Strava is an on-line record keeping service for athletes of all kinds; cyclists, runners, nordic skiers, swimmers, or gym rats, etc. It’s likely that you can use Strava to keep track of your rides if you use a bike computer or have a smart phone (just download the Strava app). Using Strava, you can easily keep track of your rides; ride to ride, month to month or year to year to compare mileage, average speed, or fastest speed on a particular segment, or to compare your performance to others. Strava (Garmin Connect or Ride with GPS) is another way to maintain motivation and interest in the sport that we all love.

Bicycling Magazine reports that “if you’re 60 to 69 years old, you must be in your cycling prime. Both men and women in this age group in the U.S. logged the longest average rides. Men ages 70-plus logged the second most miles, and women ages 70-plus came in third for their gender, proving age is just a number. Cyclists made a major impact on the environment both globally and in the U.S. Bike commutes were up almost 43 percent worldwide and 31 percent in the U.S. These commuters reduced their carbon footprint and offset 1.2 billion pounds of CO2 globally.”


You can join “Siskiyou Velo on Strava,” our on-line bike club. There are currently 41 members and growing. Log-in to Strava and then search for Clubs to find and join Siskiyou Velo on Strava.

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