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Medford Bike Lane ????? on North Phoenix near Hillcrest

by Gary Shaff on Aug, 31 2016

A Bike Lane - Not a Chance

As recently stripped on the North Phoenix Road overlay project. For reference the shoe is size 46 and roughly 12 inches in length.


  • Harlan Bittner

    8/31/2016 at 9:52PM

    Horrible! The recent restriping on East Main isn't much better.

  • Edgar Hee

    9/1/2016 at 4:04PM

    City's painting crew will be fixing the mistake.


    E-mail from Gary 8-31-2016 2:48 pm flagging stripping problem.

    E-mail response from Gary 8-31-2016 7:43 pm identifying location on N. Phoenix.

    E-mail to City 9-01-2016 9:41 am :identifying the problem and asking Public Works to look into the concern.

    Email from City 9-01-2016 10:24 am acknowledging receipt of complaint: "We will look into it and let you know what we find. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

    E-mail from City 9-01-2016 12:58 pm: "Edgar – Here’s the note I got back from our striping crew. Thank you for bringing the mistake to our attention. It will be corrected asap. /s/ Karl"

    'Karl sorry about this my crew had a few problems while trying to stripe the bike lanes around corners they were not used to . We fixed north bound I didn’t look at south bound we will try to fix problem as soon as we can they have been let known of there mistake and feel bad'.

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