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Jackson County Transportation Plan Update--Virtual Pubic Meeting Invitation

by Harlan Bittner on Dec, 1 2022

Jackson County is nearing completion of their Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update.  This document updates financial information, removes completed projects from the project list, adds projects from the Rogue Valley Active Transpiration Plan and finalizes and reprioritizes projects expected to be constructed over the next 20 years.  One of the last steps before the TSP Update is finalized and adopted is a Virtual Public Meeting which further explains the updates and presents a draft of the final document.

Jackson County would very much like to receive the public’s input prior to finalizing and adopting the TSP Update.  This VPM is now open for comment and may be found at:  Please join the Virtual Public Meeting and provide your comment.


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    2/26/2023 at 12:05AM

    Hi owner, Great content!

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